Within just the past ten years, the influence of social media has grown infinitely to heights that many never thought possible. It’s a fantastic way to reach out to people in your community that you never would have been able to reach otherwise! This number is truly hard to believe just because of the sheer scale, but 7 out of every 10 (70%) of American people are active on Facebook. Now you can’t reach all these people, but you can make a massive impact in your local area with the right funeral marketing – a mix of quality posting and paid advertising.

Social Media – An Untapped Market

The first mistake many businesses make is trying to handle social media on their own without a social media plan. The social media plan outlines the objectives, the purpose for each channel, types of posts, frequency, plus more. Consider these types of posts in your plan.

The second mistake is not being consistent each month. When we handle social media for a client, we create engaging posts and schedule prior to the beginning of the month.

Engaging Social Media Post Ideas

If you’re just pushing out the same “boring” information, nobody is going to like or share it. Why would they? If you want those shares and likes you have to earn it, give people information they want and things worth sharing with friends. It can’t only be posting recent obituaries; you will get the best results from a mixed bag approach.

Here are a few examples of light-hearted posts.


Incorporate an upcoming holiday or National Month of into your postings.

Here are a couple of sites to help you find unique “holidays” for creative social media posts.

  • https://nationaldaycalendar.com/
  • http://www.holidayscalendar.com/




GIFs are another option for posting that improves engagement.









Funeral Puns

His humor was too GRAVE for me. Now it’s just TOMB much.

A cough drop a day keeps the coffin away!

He’s gone to a better place…which rules out Detroit.

What do you with a dead chemist? Barium

Whooopp, I passed! I am now a licensed cemetery real estate agent and funeral home counselor. Unfortunately, it’s a dying market.

What do you call a person at a funeral? A mourning person.

Smoking will kill you… Bacon will kill you… But smoking bacon will cure it.

The Man Who Created Autocorrect Has Died. Resturant In Peace

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your social media. People enjoy being entertained and will remember your funeral home when the need arises.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Funeral Home Digital Marketing ChecklistIf you want to learn more about social media marketing or digital marketing as a whole, please feel free to download and read our free digital marketing e-book! It’s full of good tips and info that’ll help you with your funeral marketing. If you think that social media marketing could be just the thing your funeral home needs to get you over the edge, let us know!