When it comes to business, as you all well know, it’s a competitive world and you have to work hard to make your name and stake your claim in your market and area. But it’s so essential that you don’t forget that the world is moving online and if you’re not keeping up with it, you’re losing out to competitors who are taking full advantage. The online world is a competitive one, where it is harder to initially form those personal connections with potential clients, but if you can get to the top of a search engine like Google, you can see truly amazing results and huge jumps in traffic. These days, you just can’t depend on vendors and word of mouth to grow your funeral home business at the rate that you need it to. We’re here to help you figure out how to navigate the digital marketing world and keep your funeral business running as well as you can.

What is Funeral Marketing SEO?

SEO – short for search engine optimization – is simply optimizing your website and online presence so that when people search for your name and or service in or around your area, they’ll easily be able to find you. This may sound insignificant if you don’t have any insight, but that number one spot in Google is what people click on more than a majority of the time. You do have to keep in mind, it’s not easy to get those top spots and every single other funeral home with an online presence is looking to be number one as well. So not only are you working against the algorithms of the search engines, you’re working against everyone else in your industry! SEO has many different factors, but they’re mainly broken up as on-site and off-site. If you want to rank well you have to be working on optimizing every facet of your online presence. If you’re just working on content, for example, you may see some growth but it won’t be anything like what you could actually be getting.

Off-site SEO

Off-site is generally harder to control, but the main aspect of it is getting backlinks going to your site from other strong sites that are relevant in the funeral home niche. We do this with things like your social media accounts, web 2.0’s, and relevant directory listings. Again the key is getting nice strong links back to your site, and that’s what we focus on and excel at. Some people get a great idea to just unleash a spam backlinking campaign to try and get some fast strength for their domain, but Google is smarter than they. They’re able to identify spam or low-quality links pretty easily these days, and they will punish you harshly depending on the severity of your spam. It’s just not worth the risk of doing these types of shady campaigns if you want to see lasting results you need to use proper tactics and just completely avoid any shady backlinks.

On-site SEO

A funeral home director checking on her site's SEOOn-site SEO includes things that are modified and done directly on your website, this is the basis of all search engine optimization and arguably the most critical part to get right. On its face it may sound simple, just get your keywords sprinkled on your pages and make sure they look good and read well. In reality, it goes so much deeper than that. Sure having good looking content and all is important, but it’s not the be-all-end-all. Things like ensuring you have good H1 and H2 headings on your pages and that even your images are optimized, these are all important factors when it comes to your overall search engine rankings.

It can be hard but ideally, your site needs to find that good balance between looking good and being optimized in terms of SEO and web design so you can actually convert the people that do come to your site. That generally comes with the help of a professional web developer when your site is being made, but your site can certainly be improved while it’s already live. A lot of content just comes down to keywords and giving your business relevance. If you’re right outside the Raleigh area, you need to mention the city of Raleigh and all surrounding cities on your site, this helps Google give your business relevance and lead people in your direct area to you.

Take Control of Your Traffic, Website, and Rankings

Once you can understand and control all of these individual factors, you can get them to start working for you. Once everything is working for your advantage, you should gradually see your ranks to increase as time. We have to caution that funeral marketing SEO is an ongoing process, it’s not something you do for a few months then stop wherever you are. Never forget every single business ranking underneath you is trying to move up in the rankings just like you are, if you stop work they’re eventually going to pass you. So if you want to learn more, check out our Digital Marketing Checklist for Funeral Homes E-Book. It’s full of good information for you to use, free! If you’re ready to pull the trigger on funeral home SEO services, let’s get in touch!